Apple has released a new update public beta for the Apple watch software first time ever in this year 2020. WatchOS 7 developer beta was released by the Apple Company back at WWDC in the month of June. Public beta is the first major update Apple is releasing for WatchOS operating system. When we talk about Apple software like macOS, iPadOS, iOS software it’s easy to have a pre look at each of them but when we talk about watch users then all they have to do is to wait till the actual release. As installing a pre-final software on any of your devices can be ill-considered as there are some chances that the bugs and errors may show up. But Apple is quite assured that this new update will expand beyond the developers.

So, there are few of the steps that you need to follow in order to install the public beta. The very first thing that you need to do is to sign up for the Apple Beta Software Program. Down the profile and send it your Apple Watch with the help of your iPhone. By using safari through your iPhone that is synced to your watch, you will be able to sign up. In this way the profile can be downloaded and it can be open in the app of the Watch. Go to the setting and tap on the Software Update and this is how you will be able to install the new beta.

Following are some amazing features including sleep tracking, watch face sharing, workout tracking and much more.


This amazing feature tracks a record of your sleeping schedule and incorporate the sleeping pattern into the Health app. The sensors inside the watch are responsible for detecting the movements and motion of the breathing schedule. These motion sensors analyze whether you are awake or if you are sleeping. With this useful feature you will be able to know about your sleeping routine and this Health app might help you a lot in tracking a record about the sleeping hours and how much progress you need in order to attain a healthy sleeping schedule.


Apart from sleep tracking this Health app contributes a lot in workout tracking. The options of workout tracking include indoor activities like cycling, training of functional strength and even when you are dancing on your favorite track.


The feature helps the users in the configuration of the watch faces. These features add up a capability for the users to personalize their watch. In a more advanced way you can now share and configure watch faces that may ensemble with any lifestyle or activity.


The watch has this amazing feature of hand wash detection that alarms and informs the user to hash their hands whenever they are back from any outdoor tour. The watch has a built-in timer that is set to 20 seconds for hand washing.

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